Are you suffering from Achilles tendon pain?

by Specialized Orthopedics May 25, 2016 Healthy Tips, Physical Therapy

Now that the weather is changing and the days are getting warmer, some of you may be starting to switch

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Ballet Dancers – Exercises to Help Prevent Injuries

by Jason Ulisse March 06, 2015 Healthy Tips, Sports, Stretching

Ballet is a form of dance and theatrical art that has been a part of human culture for a very

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Runners Knee Treatment & Exercises

by Specialized Orthopedics March 25, 2014 Healthy Tips, Running, Stretching

How to Avoid Runners Knee Spring is on its way, the snow is melting and runners are coming out of

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How to Prevent Ski Injuries – Part Two

by Jason Ulisse January 13, 2014 Healthy Tips, Skiing, Stretching

Prevent Skiing Injuries (Part Two) In Part I of our series regarding injury prevention for skiers focused on proper equipment

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5 Exercises & Stretches to Prevent Skiing Injuries – Part 1

by Jason Ulisse January 03, 2014 Healthy Tips, Stretching

Now that Christmas Day has come and gone, and lots of snow outside our windows, it is time to start

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Diagnosing Rob Gronkowski’s Knee Injury

by Jason Ulisse December 10, 2013 Sports

Were you watching that unbelievable Patriot’s game yesterday?  Could you believe the comeback?  What tremendous excitement their game versus the

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What is Functional Dry Needling?

by Fernando Pinhancos December 09, 2013 Healthy Tips

Dry Needling is a broader manual therapy technique using an acupuncture needle to deactivate trigger points and “loosen” shortened muscles. 

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When To Use Heat or Ice

by Jason Ulisse November 22, 2013 Healthy Tips, Physical Therapy, Running, Skiing, Sports

One of the most frequently asked questions from our clients is “Do I use heat or ice?”. There are many

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Upper extremity dysfunction following breast cancer treatment

by Specialized Orthopedics November 12, 2013 Healthy Tips

To help support Breast Cancer awareness as well as National Physical Therapy month I want to share some information about

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How to Help Prevent Injuries for Baseball Players

by Christopher Gomes July 17, 2013 Healthy Tips

The other day I was watching an online video about the prevention of little league pitching injuries. There were many facts

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