Warming Up Before Going Out On That Early Springtime Run

by Specialized Orthopedics April 04, 2019 Healthy Tips, Running

Thinking about heading outside for that springtime run? How to minimize your chances of suffering a running injury outside.

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Dry Needling Can Instantly Improve Your Neck Range of Motion!

by Specialized Orthopedics January 18, 2019 Functional Dry Needling, Healthy Tips

Do you have or have you ever experienced a stiff neck? Do you have chronic neck pain and headaches?

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Yoga for Lower Back Pain

by Specialized Orthopedics January 10, 2019 Yoga

A gentle and simple 5-minute daily yoga practice can help if you are suffering from lower back pain!

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We now offer Cupping!

by Specialized Orthopedics December 18, 2018 Physical Therapy, Sports

Have you been suffering from chronic low back pain or stiffness? Then you may benefit from Cupping!

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Squatting Basics: How to Perform the Perfect Squat

by Specialized Orthopedics December 13, 2018 Healthy Tips

You may be asking yourself “Why do I need to know how to perform a perfect squat?” Let’s take a

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How Dry Needling Helped a High School Football Player

by Specialized Orthopedics September 26, 2018 Functional Dry Needling

Dry needling is another manual therapy technique that is used in physical therapy to help with a variety of myofascial

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Patient of the Month: 16-year-old Soccer Player

by Specialized Orthopedics September 26, 2018 Patient of the Month, Physical Therapy, Sports

Patient of the Month Olivia: 16 year old soccer player Olivia tore her medial patella-femoral ligament almost one year ago in

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Patient Of The Month: Division I Baseball Player

by Specialized Orthopedics August 08, 2018 Patient of the Month, Physical Therapy, Sports

This month’s patient spotlight is on Brodie Carey, an 18 year old shortstop on his way to play Division I

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Tip Of The Week: Two Exercises To Decrease Back Pain

by Specialized Orthopedics July 27, 2018 Physical Therapy, Tip of the Week

Hi everyone! Last week we went over two back stretches to improve your spinal mobility. This week’s Tip of the

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Suffering from low back stiffness?

by Specialized Orthopedics July 19, 2018 Healthy Tips, Tip of the Week

Hi everyone! This week’s “Tip Of The Week” goes over 2 stretches to help improve your low back tightness. A

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