Are you suffering from Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis: What a Pain in the Arch!!

by Specialized Orthopedics February 11, 2021 Healthy Tips, Physical Therapy, Running

Are you experiencing foot pain performing daily tasks? You may be suffering from Plantar Fasciitis.

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Winter Fall Prevention

by Specialized Orthopedics January 15, 2021 Healthy Tips

There is action you can take to decrease your risk of falling this winter and SOPT is here to help!

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Working from Home Doesn’t Have to be a Pain in the Neck

Working from Home Doesn’t Have to be a Pain in the Neck

by Specialized Orthopedics January 11, 2021 Healthy Tips

Is your neck feeling stiff or sore from sitting at the kitchen table, couch, or bedroom for hours on end?

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Warming Up Before Going Out On That Early Springtime Run

by Specialized Orthopedics April 04, 2019 Healthy Tips, Running

Thinking about heading outside for that springtime run? How to minimize your chances of suffering a running injury outside.

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Dry Needling Can Instantly Improve Your Neck Range of Motion!

by Specialized Orthopedics January 18, 2019 Functional Dry Needling, Healthy Tips

Do you have or have you ever experienced a stiff neck? Do you have chronic neck pain and headaches?

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Squatting Basics: How to Perform the Perfect Squat

by Specialized Orthopedics December 13, 2018 Healthy Tips

You may be asking yourself “Why do I need to know how to perform a perfect squat?” Let’s take a

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Suffering from low back stiffness?

by Specialized Orthopedics July 19, 2018 Healthy Tips, Tip of the Week

Hi everyone! This week’s “Tip Of The Week” goes over 2 stretches to help improve your low back tightness. A

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Waking up with pain and stiffness?

by Specialized Orthopedics June 28, 2018 Healthy Tips, Stretching, Tip of the Week

Looking for a way to reduce stress and relax your body? Try out our Therapeutic Alignment Yoga: An alignment based class

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Elbow Pain Stretching Video Blog

by Specialized Orthopedics June 14, 2018 Healthy Tips, Physical Therapy, Stretching, Tip of the Week

Elbow Pain Stretching Video Blog Have you been experiencing pain on the outside or inside of your elbow lately?  Do

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Tip of the Week: Video Blog: 3 Glute Exercises for Runners

by Specialized Orthopedics May 30, 2018 Healthy Tips, Running, Sports, Tip of the Week

3 Glute Exercises for Runners! Don’t just run all summer… strengthen those hips! Many runners love to run and only

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